1. PKC signaling in cancer.A.P. Fields (Jacksonville, FL, USA)-(Oct. 6)

2. Hepatocellular carcinoma.Keichi Kubota (Mibu, Tochigi, Japan)-(Oct. 8)

3. Cancer Prevention in Asia Pacific Countries.C.H. Yip (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), C.J. Chen (Taipei, Taiwan) (APOCP)-(Oct. 9)

4. Invasion and carcinomas of the GI tract.O.D. Laerum (Bergen, Norway)-(Oct. 8)

5. Toxicology and cancer aetiology.C.H. Yip (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), C.J. Chen (Taipei, Taiwan) (APOCP)-(Oct. 9)

6. Genomic instability and cancer (DNA repair).A. Wani (Columbus, OH, USA)-(Oct. 6)

7. Drug resistance in cancer and targeting DNA repair pathways.S. Mitra (Galveston, TX, USA)-(Oct. 8)

8. Image-guided radiotherapy.Nam Nguyen (Tucson, AZ, USA)-(Oct. 7)

9. Circulating tumor cells.M. Rigaud (Limoges, France)-(Oct. 6)

10. Cancer stem cells.M. Jhanwar-Uniyal (New York, NY, USA), F. Guadagni (Rome, Italy)-(Oct. 7)

11. Regulation of efflux pumps of mdr cancer by phenothiazine derivatives and natural products.L. Amaral (Lisbon, Portugal), J. Molnar (Szeged, Hungary)- (Oct. 10)

12. Drug delivery.D. Vetvicka (Prague, Czech Republic)-(Oct. 6)

13. Genomics and clinical management of ovarian cancer.R. Ganapathi (Charlotte, NC, USA)-(Oct. 6)

14. New insights in prostate cancer.C. Aukim-Hastie (Guildford, Surrey, UK)- (Oct. 6)

15. Hox genes in cancer.C. Aukim-Hastie (Guildford, Surrey, UK)-(Oct. 7)

16. Application of RT-qPCR in Biomedicine.F.E. Ahmed (Greenville, NC, USA)-(Oct. 7)

17. Vitamin D and Cancer.M. Friedrich (Krefeld, Germany), J. Reichrath (Homburg/Saar, Germany)- (Oct. 8)

18. Biobanks: A research infrastructure for the future of translational and clinical research.F. Guadagni, M. Roselli, F. Betsou (Rome, Italy)- (Oct. 8) / Under the auspices of ISBER

19. New insight into brain tumors.G. Sica (Rome, Italy), M. Jhanwar-Uniyal (New York, NY, USA)-(Oct. 10)

20. Micro RNAs in cancer.A. Seth (Toronto, ON, Canada)-(Oct. 10)

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